Wednesday, August 09, 2006

In Honor of 25 Peeps...

25 Things About Me (Because One Hundred would take far too long)

1. I was born at home to parents who swear they weren't hippies. Riiiiiight.
2. I don't eat beef (or pork), not for any altruistic reason, but because I realized at about ten, that every time we had a barbeque, I'd get a horribly sore stomach.
3. Even though my job is all about being organized, and I'm good at it, I'm a bit of a disaster at home.
4. When I was a little girl, I used to say that I wanted a "little, yellow house with glass doorknobs." My husband and I own a little California cottage built in 1933, and while things about it drive me crazy (ie closets the size of Post-It notes, one tiny bathroom with no vent) I love the following: I just happened to pick yellow paint for the inside, and it has the original glass doorknobs, hardwood floors and built-in bar. Coincidence? I think so.
5. I have never got around to getting my drivers' license. This is far less of a problem than you'd think.
6. I firmly believe, not in karma, but what goes around comes around. I'm still waiting for some things to come around in my direction.
7. I don't like to cook. At all. (I still do, but I'm just sayin' ... no likee) I wish I did.
8. I have a lot of ideas for my yard, but currently am a little short of the fundage to do so.
9. I have two Black Thumbs (other people have Green Thumbs, mine are both black.)
10. I am deeply offended by racial epithets, and would probably find myself in a mess of trouble if I were ever to venture south of the Mason-Dixon line.
11. I only dated my husband for three weeks, we were married two months after he proposed.
12. I really, really loved our wedding, but I'd never let any of my clients have one like it.
13. I used to read the dictionary when I was little. Not surprisingly, my friend who remembers this still teases me mercilessly about it.
14. I really, truly, deeply do not understand the reality tv craze.
15. I live only fifteen miles from the house I was born in, and I never want to move.
16. I do, however, really love to travel.
17. I've been to England, Costa Rica (twice, actually!), Hawaii, Finland, Denmark, Australia and New York ... but am far from quenching my wanderlust.
18. I used to play beach volleyball quite well, despite being far too short, at five foot four, for the sport.
19. I was probably good at volleyball because my arms are freakishly long - normally your 'wingspan' is your height, but my arms measure out at five feet, seven inches. This makes long sleeves a bit of a problem for me.
20. It would make me really, really happy if people would grow a clue and stop asking me when "I'm gonna have a baaayyyyybeeee!", as if I am the sole decision-maker about our reproductive life.
21. I hate anything pickled, with vinegar, mayo, eggs and salmon. Please do not make me try them.
22. My favorite foods are either Indian or Thai - basically anything heavy on the garlic.
23. I haven't had short hair since I was one.
24. I love the beach beyond all reason, and will find any excuse to go.
25. I'm a confirmed skinny-dipper. It's genetic - after all, what do you expect of the offspring of two people named, "The Naked Hippies"?


Dawn said...

Thanks for sharing with us. I feel I know you much better now. Next time I'm back in SB--we are due for a trip back as it has been over a year--I'll keep a look out for you.

Chiada said...

Good post, Meeps. My mom, too, denies that she was ever a hippie. I said, "mom, did you wear a bra? (No) Did you drive a car with flowers painted on the side? (It was just one flower - a daisy!) Did you drink tea? (Yes) Did you sit around drinking tea and knitting orange, brown, and green coasters? (Yes) Did you do drugs? (Yes) Did you smoke? (Yes)." And she claims she was only a flower child.

Chiada said...

Dude, that's weird. Just as I posted my comment, Dawn's showed up right above mine. (It wasn't there when I started to post my comment.) Why weird? That's my mom's name.

Meepers said...

That is weird - one of those little web coincidences. My parents' quiz answers:
Did we have a garden that we grew our own veggies in? Yes
Did they do drugs? Yes
Did they go to the Summer Solstice parade (and ride drunkenly on a bike, Dad)? Yes
Did my mom have long, long hair? Yes
Did they get married at the Courthouse and wear a muumuu with a Hawaiian print for a wedding dress? yup.
Did my mom make my clothes? Some of 'em.
Did we have rabbits (carded for their angora fur) and chickens? Yes.

Chiada said...

Oh ya, definitely long long hair man!! Parted in the middle, of course. Straight as an arrow.

Also, veggie garden, home grown tomatos, herbs, etc.

Home made clothes were standard issue.

Canning tomatos gleaned from a harvested tomato field (more of a "poor" thing than a "hippie" thing).

Wedding dress color: pale avocado green. Bouquet: orange flowers. Dad's tux: chocolate brown with ruffles and a marigold boutainnaire.

There's also the time mom almost died when she and some friends decided to go white water rafting while they were stoned. Her oar broke in half.

And many many mysteries that she never tells us but only hints at every once in a great while.

chiefbiscuit said...

I love this! I'm not sure ABM and I were hippie parents ... neither of us have ever done drugs ever, we've never painted flowers on vehicles, NO unnecessary nudeness, (when younger I did go through a non-bra wearing phase for a short time) We had a very trad White wedding. We grew our own veges for a short time and did have brown and orange knitted things about the place We do drink tea - but not herbal tea. Oh and we have been known to play Neil Young records on our stereo. You tell me.