Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oh Look! A new post!

I'd like to say my dearth of posting is a direct result of my general sloth and malaise, but in truth, I've just been to busy having fun. And working. Mostly working, but let's not talk about that, o.k.? I'd like to celebrate, because this is my 300th post here. Three hundred posts. Yeah! Party hats and noisemakers for everyone.

Wednesday I had a meeting at one of my favorite locations - Scott doesn't like it because it's harder for him to set up and play there, but I love the club. Rich with details, great bar, lots of "inclusives" (meaning: You get tables and linens, china, flatware and staff) and lovely gardens that are close by several churches and parks, it's one of my favorite venues. Add to that a great catering and event staff, a grand piano and a continual program of upgrades and you've got a very happy planner. Any rate, I was invited to stay on after a meeting and enjoy a port class. Port may be my new favorite drink - it pairs well with all of my favorite things: Chocolates, cheese (especially blue) nuts and fruit. Stored right, it also ages and values extraordinarily well - how many twelve to twenty year old bottles of wine can you find for $20-40? And any "class" that involves sitting by a fire and sampling eighty-year old spirits? Yes, please.

Thursday was the kick-off of the Santa Barbara Film Festival, which we were pretty excited about for this year. Since we have a personal connection, we were thrilled to hear that the big kick-off film was Factory Girl. I was busy with work all day, but through the kindness of one of my many awesome vendors, we got some of the coveted passes to the big after-party. That, my friends, is the sort of thing that never happens to me.

I ran over to get in line to buy tickets (officially the most money I've ever paid for a film: $35!)
and struck up a conversation with a nice bunch of people as we were shuffled back, forth, back again, and around in the opening night, paparazzi-filled, red-carpeted frenzy. For
some reason, I had a running loop of this little chant in my head: "I see London, I see France, I see lots of cheek implants." (My alternate version: "I see blood, I see gore, it's not cold enough for that fur you wore.")

Any rate, we peons got seated and watched a drum team/dance troupe (maybe the reason for the price hike?) perform. The president of the film festival came out and gave a little speech, than invited the director (George Hickenlooper) up to say a few words. I was surprised, since the film had also premiered in L.A., so we weren't expecting it when he invited Sienna Miller
(sadly, yes, she was wearing one of Susan Somers' dresses from Three's Company) and Guy Pearce up onstage. We were even more thrilled when our friend Mike came up (go Mike, go!). Sienna said a few words and they took a bow and the film started. I won't bore you with my rookie review of the picture - suffice it to say that we were impressed with all the performances, if it did seem a bit scattered and dark. I've read a couple of the Edie biographies, and a movie about her life could absolutely never be rainbows and butterflies. Despite (or perhaps because of?) her undeniable beauty, charisma and wealth, she seemed drawn towards anything and anyone who paid the least bit of attention to her.

We ran home and changed (Scott: new shirt, good to go. Me: four different outfits, mumbled expletives against all the blue cheese and chocolate from Wednesday) and headed to the party. Not just any party, either - The opening night party to be at, held in Paseo Nuevo. Note for The Fam: Here is the bit where you should go and do Something Else. For those of you who haven't been to Santa Barbara, Paseo is our downtown mall - the entire thing is outdoors

and has multiple openings to different streets. They'd blocked off all but one of them and were ushering everyone in and handing out the wristbands. A special tip for everyone: If you ever go to a party and the security admonishes you, 'have fun! get faded!" on your way in, I hereby challenge you to try and not follow their directive. In my experience, the best way to do this would be just to turn right back around and head for home. Ahem. A few brilliant minds had apparently decided it would be a good idea to strategically place about ten different drink stations (vs. four appetizer stations....for your reference, this is not a good ratio) around the perimeters and the band in the middle.

One of the great things about any good-sized event here (for me) is that I can almost always count on running into someone I knew in school, know from work, or know via a friend. This time, I ran into a friend I hadn't seen since high school, shooting high society and hoi polloi alike. Remembering that his brother and girlfriend used to live two houses over from me, I asked how they were - naturally, said brother is now married with a sprog, annnnnd I suddenly remembered how thirsty I'd become before The Question came up. Drinks and conversation with friends (Mike and his new wife among them) and everything was great - until I realized it was after one. We headed home, only to end up with an impromptu jam session that lasted till three thanks to Scott....so much for early to bed, right? Good thing I didn't have anything pressing to do until later the following afternoon! We don't go out very often, and I am never a guest at a party of any sort, so this was extra-special for me....The rare night where we both get a chance to just enjoy whatever happens, talk to people, not scan the crowd or a schedule for the next thing to tick off the list. I enjoyed every minute of it.


girl and dog said...

Isn't it nice to be enjoying the party, instead of running the party? Glad you had fun!!

p.s.: You're right, locations that throw in the tables, chairs, staff, etc. are MY idea of the perfect wedding venue.

Ciarra said...

DUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!!!! I've been wondering where you've been!! Now I know! Living it up high-society style in Saaaanta Baaaarbra! *snorts* Only you. It could only happen to you. That outgoing can-talk-to-any-stranger-on-the-street personality is to be thanked for scoring after-party tickets. Sounds awesome and makes me miss S.B. (not that I'd be at an after-party). Sooo, we need to hook up ASAP, girlfriend. What's your shezjule like for the next month or so?

Jurgen Nation said...

Congrats on your 300th! I'm so glad to have found you!

Maya said...

G&D: YES! On both counts. It was grrreat!

Chiada: This month is good (Feb) and so is the early part of March. After that, it's pretty much all crazy all the time. I actually scored the tickets from the guy who did all the lighting for the whole party -I throw him a lot of business, so...you know how it is. Miss you guys!

JN- I can't believe it...it feels like I just started writing here! I love Jurgen! Give him a pet/headrub/bellyscratch for me. Darn cats won't let us get a dog.

My name is Heather said...

How FUN and FABULOUS!! SB is so glamorous now; makes me miss it a bit. But alas SLO Film Festival is coming up.

Anonymous said...

OH that was fun to read. So cool! Sienna Miller? Did you see her sleeping with anyone? lol.

Maya said...

HS: She actually looked lovely (her skin! so perfect!) albeit a bit funkily dressed in this way-to-big dress (the one in the link). But she really did look radiant.

Heather- Thanks for stopping by! Good to see you!

My name is Heather said...

Glad I stopped by. I dog-eared your blog and forgot to come back. I found you via fussy (I was one of those crazy NaBloPoMo bloggers). It's fun to read about my hometown and love your blog.