Sunday, January 14, 2007

Live from....

Hello everyone!

This is a quick live post from FABULOUS LAS VEGAS! Courtesy of the (gorgeous) Venetian hotel and its' high-speed internet. Do y'all have any more suggestions? Helpful hints? Tips? Treasures of the deep? De-lurkage? (anonymous who just're welcome back any time!)

Summary of last night and today coming later...In the meantime,....Comments, yo! COMMENTS!


Anonymous said...

Vegas-De-Lurking again!

Hope The weather isn't putting to much of a damper on your visit to vegas.

Have you tried the Rainforest Cafe at the mgm grand ?. It has a really um cool tropical drink menu . ~_^ Food isn't bad either!

Mike E

Maya said...

Mike? Mike? Which Mike are you? You MUST divulge! Too much fun! We were at MGM yesterday and and also NYNY ....I did see the Rainforest cafe, but wasn't hungry...more like footsore b/c I walked around All....d. day long in 4 inch heels (clearly, I am smart, no?) Any other reccomendations (locals' places, less touristy? Its' our last night...also we have a 14 year old nephew to think your hints are very welcome.

Mike E.....Shoot! Now I'm going to be thinking about all the Mikes I've ever known.

Chiada said...

OH! I SO told you to wear comfy shoes! You were warned! But clearly headstrong. :)

Have you seen the light show at the Old Strip? Gotta see that.

How about the Pirate show outside the Treasure Island casino? It's near the newer ones.

Or the Rum Jungle club at night? As in 11:00 a.m. to ??? It's inside the Pyramid casino.

As for loco's places ;)... no clue.

Pictures! Pictures! Have fun! *smooch* *hugs* Love ya!

Anonymous said...

well this might be to late to be of any help.

Gameworks is the place to take your newphew if you haven't gone already. Huge Arcade, even a bar overlooking the arcade for the adults .

Inside the Luxor is pretty cool, they have some 3d rides in there that your nephew might enjoy!.

P.s you prolly don't remember me lol. umm its been at least 10 years since i saw you last. Does the last name Escoto ring a bell ?.

Maya said...

@($#@)#)*@#)(*!$ng blogger has eaten 2 of my comments. In short:

Good to see/hear from you, MIke - keep in touch and thanks a mill. More later. M